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During each daily radiation treatment in Toronto, Ontario, I received 30 seconds or 3 grays of radiation dosage.
After each session, I watched for side effects.

Day One:      No pain
Day Two:      Itchy palm, very drowsy in the evening
Day Three:   The backs of my hands puffed up. Hands felt warm
Day Four:     Slight nausea, dizziness, felt faint
Day Five:      Some cramping in my left hand. No tiredness
After the First week:
      I noticed that the nodes forming on the joints of my pinky were fading from red to skin colour.   The top node was gone.   My fuzzy thinking stopped.

After the Second week:
      The cord on my pinky was less visible.

After the Third week:
      The bumps were hard to the touch.

After the Fourth week:
     I was feeling my old self and visualizing what it would be like, feel like, to have the bumps vanish.
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