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Recovery after Second Treatment Dec 2014

While in Toronto, Ontario for my treatments, I stay at The Princess Margaret Cancer Center Lodge for a nominal fee, with shuttle bus included. (Princess Margaret Cancer Center Lodge)

After each day of my second treatment, I watched for side effects:

Monday: No change

Tuesday: Hand swelling

Wednesday: Pink Hands


Friday: AOK

At home, First week after treatment:

      I experienced hand cramping in the left hand, pain at the bottom of both pinky fingers, both life lines in my palms were deeply creased, tightness developed in the cords which were growing in both pinky fingers.

     I experienced lower resistance to colds and gargled with a few drops of tea tree oil (not swallowing) to ward off the scratchy throat stage of a developing cold.

After the Second week:

      I used the 99 percent aloe vera gel more this time, lily of the desert brand, to moisturize my hands once more, which were drier after this second treatment.

After the Third week:

     My hands were very dry.  I switched to unscented Shea Butter, a product made by a friend from Ghana. This greatly helped to soften the skin which now started peeling on both hands.

treatment two

Three Weeks After Second Treatment
Princess Margaret Hospital doctors determined in February 2015, that the disease progress of Dupuytrens Contracture in my hands had stopped.

Later, in June 2015: "Hands moving freely, no cramps, grip returning, no pain"


Now, in January 2017

"Hands moving freely, no cramps, grip good, no pain"

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